We are an international workplace characterized by dynamism, high professionalism, flexibility, a unique commitment and great colleagues. Feel free to send us an unconsolidated CV and Cover Letter. Tell us a bit about yourself and explain why we would be absolutely mad not to hire you.
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We take great pride in creating value for our customers and partners and in giving them the best possible experience with the product and the service we provide. This can only be done by having the very best people employed – and we have that!
Working at Tildas Group gives a lot of opportunities both personally and professionally. You will be part of a company with exciting challenges, focusing on the development of both the organization and employees and a unique work environment and a culture where proximity and personal relationships are paramount.
Our business is growing, but growth has never been the primary goal for Tildas Group. The core value has always been to deliver a great solution and to improve and increase the business value for the customers.

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If there are no vacancies that match your requirements and qualifications, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application together with your resume. All sincere applicants are seriously evaluated.
Please note that we will only contact you, if we see a direct match between your profile and an open position.

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